Cuartero is set to hook up with Hot Creations

Cuartero is set to hook up with Hot Creations, with new EP ‘Dioneli’ set to drop on Monday (May 25th).

It’s an intriguing match, pitting their ever-questing label against a producer keen to continually expand his sound. Matching house and techno influences – but without ever once straying into hackneyed tech-house territory – ‘Dioneli’ is just right for the opening weeks of summer.

Cuartero: “I am delighted with this EP as I’ve been testing it in my shows for the last few months and it works really well on the dancefloor. When making tracks it’s important to stress certain elements, and in this case the strong kicks and the open hi-hats were the key.  I sent it to Richy and Jamie who have also been playing the tracks at their gigs and finally they decided to release it.”

Clash is able to premiere ‘Manipuled’ and it’s a rippling, propulsive piece of electronic funk which seems to continually flutter between house and techno, despite never fully committing to either.

Check it out now.


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