AIM Festival at Carillon Park / Phase 1

AIM is a new, outdoor electronic music festival that will be held from June 26 to 28, 2015 at Parc Carillon in St-André d’Argenteuil, Québec. AIM is a non-profit organization that supports the arts and is dedicated to becoming a unique Canadian platform for exposing attendees to leading-edge music and multimedia art from around the globe. With a focus on live and DJ performances, interactive multimedia art, sound and digital technology, AIM offers a non-pretentious, vision of the festival industry. We propose an ultimate and intimate set design in a festival environment. Our goal in the event’s first year is to reach ten thousand or more attendees. Our marketing strategies will speak directly to our public with a direct-to-fan approach using new technologies, interactive concepts, ideas, and first class graphic design. Our mandate is to provide cutting-edge, established and emerging artists destined for the global market and to create artistic convergence. No fast-food music, no foam, no cake, no steam. We promise an immersive on-site experience. AIM is one of the only festivals in Canada authorized to offer non-stop music for 32 hours (from Saturday, June 27, 10 AM through Sunday, June 28 at 6 PM)! Facilities will therefore be built to fully engage the community in the experience. On-site activities will also include educational and artistic workshops. The goal is to offer an interactive and captivating experience for everyone. With your help, we hope to make a difference in the world as well as in the industry.


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