The Mexican House Music

A Few weeks ago, Music Reviews from L.A. published this interesting article about House Music escene in México.


It is no coincidence that Mexico is today one of the countries that emerges with strength within the electronic music scene, becoming an important House Music exporter, and it is no coincidence, since according to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Mexico is one of the happiest nations in the world and music is directly tied to happiness.

Mexican New Breed of Sound

In Mexico there is now a new breed of sounds and new protagonists who are inviting the citizens of the world to look at this country with their ears, challenging the concept that Mexico only offers tequila and mariachis, or violence and corruption.

Throughout the country, but especially in Mexico City, Tijuana and Guadalajara there is an entire underground movement of raves dedicated to the purest of electronic sounds, groups who feed the non-mainstream scene and even festivals as the BPM, which took roots in Mexico years ago. All of this is living testimony vibrating full of life scene in Mexico.

And without diminishing the work of hundreds of Dj´s that exist throughout the Republic, the relevant work is done by the ones that are doing in addition to their job as disk jockeys, an excellent work as producers, they are the responsible ones of giving Mexico this new found reputation. Because of their average in productions they are transcending Mayan frontiers and signing with important worldwide labels. My Favourite Robot, King Street, Get Physical, Safe, Nervous, Mjuzieek, Kompact, etc, are some of the labels that have seen in the songs of these Mexican producers avant-garde and purposeful potential.

Some of The Most Important Names of House Music “Made in Mexico”

These are some of the most important names of House Music “Made in Mexico”, who are building a pyramid of trends, and printing the name “México” continuously in the most important House Charts worldwide such as Traxsource and Beatport.

  • Balcazar & Sordo (My Favourite Robot, Voltaire)
  • B-Liv (Kingstreet, Safe, Mjuzieek)
  • Bastard Love (My Favourite Robot)
  • Betoko (Deepalma, Suara)
  • Climbers (Get Physical)
  • Hector (Desolat)
  • Jesus Nava (Supermarket, PP Music)
  • Jose Spinnin ( Kult, Star 69)
  • Joy Marquez (Nervous, Undercool)
  • Karlos Kastillo (3star Deluxe)
  • Louie Fresco (My Favourite Robot, Stricktly, Nurvous)
  • Luis Flores (Droid)
  • Metrika (Crosstown Rebels)
  • Muan (Get Physical, Akbal)
  • Pato Watson (Kin kon)
  • Pinto (Neim Records, Nite Grooves)
  • Rebolledo (Kompact)
  • Ritmo Du Vela (Greenhouse, Monkey Junk)


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