Damian Return.


Damian Lazarus Says: I’m delighted to tell you that the new single from myself and the Moons is out today. It’s called “We Will Return” and it’s the closest thing i’ve written about cosmic love. I had the bulk of the track written when I bumped into Ali Love at the Premises in London and asked him to come into the studio to take a listen. Within minutes I had him locked in the vocal booth and within days we had written a 3rd verse and I’d got some of the best vocals from him I’ve heard. He is really is superstar by the way, in every sense and I love him dearly.
Anyway, i’m really proud of this song and the remixes from Joeski, Serge Devant and Infinity Ink are just brilliant. There is another surprise mix coming later that you’re gonna love too.
So, without further ado, here are some places to get it now if you so desire…


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