Wrong Is Right according B-Liv


Konneqt from Brighton, UK. A sublabel of the prestigious Black Rock label, property of legend Steve Mac. Presents Wrong is Right by B-Liv, with a decisive sound from within the Techno Underground scene.

Full of textures and moments which at times remind us of the Future Sound of London, this single started to make noise from its initial promo stage, in which it obtained the support of outsandinhg persons within the musical industry, such as Richie Hawtin.

Today, “Wrong Is Right” has ranked in various charts including the Week Essentials and the Tech Essentials, as well as the Hype Chart from Traxsource, contributing to the making of a reference in Deep sound out of this Mexican artist.

Listen: https://soundcloud.com/konneqt/b-liv-wrong-is-right

Buy: http://traxsource.com/title/518049/wrong-is-right


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