Aveja! means bee.


Under Bambossa, the Harry Romero Label, this Tech House Invencible duo presents Aveja.

Bambossa Recordings is proud to welcome Joeski to the family as he and label boss Harry Romero collaborate as the super duo HR & SKI. ‘Aveja’, which means bee in Spanish, delves into the more stripped back and dub side of techno with its creative use of delays and effects to build tension and drama in all the right places. Couple that with a very powerful low end, sizzling high hats, and the end result is sure to get those hands in the air and leave an impression on the dance floor.

The Word is also a local expression in Colombia that means “Be Carefull”. Aveja is now on Traxosurce as was included in the Weekend Weapons Chart!

buy here: http://www.traxsource.com/track/3036530/aveja-original-mix


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