House Musik according Greg Gow


Greg Gow is definitely the white sheep of the Detroit Techno Family!!
In 2009, he was adopted into Transmat, by Derrick May when Greg’s ground-breaking track The Bridge took the techno world by storm. It was pivotal in re-launching May’s label; and was later featured in Greg’s highlight performances at The Movement Festivals in the US (Detroit) / Italy (Torino) in 2010
Style: Greg’s unique Toron-troit sound adds his Detroit sensibilities to his distinct Toronto foundation. Mixing deep dark melodic sounds with a touch of soul. He has been truly inspired by a deep love for the people, music and city of Detroit.

His new release ” Lansing “, signed by the renowned KMS label, is sounding strong and is-ranked by number of artists. Now he is part of the top of the 10 most important songs of tech house in Traxsource.

Buy it:


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