25 Early Trance Tracks You Could Hear At A Festival Sometime Soon


From Electronic Beats.

As the yearly festival circuit grows bigger and bigger, A-list DJs like Nina Kraviz, Ellen Allien and Gerd Janson have started to reach for ’90s anthems, which have been, for better or worse, frowned upon for more than a decade. Classic trance hymns like Sven Väth and Ralf Hildenbeutel’s “L’esperanza” and Energy 52’s “Cafe Del Mar” as well as rave hits like The Prodigy’s “One Love” are back in rotation and they’re setting dance floors on fire all over again. Intoxicated by the resurgence of unabashed emotions, arpeggios and wide-eyed rave shenanigans, we compiled a list of 25 early ’90s trance (and trance-infused) classics that can still sit well and hang tight in a modern record bag. Let the drum rolls begin.

25 Classic Trance Tracks That You Can Still Play Today Without Feeling Bad About Yourself


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