House Cuts!


Roush heralds the release of the undeniably favorable EP “House Cuts” by Alessio Collina. The EP features three memorable and up-beat tracks that are sure to keep anyone moving.

Hailing from Cervia, Italy, Alessio Collina kick-started his musical journey at the tender age of 13, perfecting his craft at home. Collaborations with his brother Matteo Collina producing minimal techno tracks nurtured his profession. Alessio’s extensive background and pure talent led to the creation of riveting tracks on this EP like “Dance This Tool,” which infuses a splendorous influence from Chicago house, Disco 6 Funky. It’s sure to be this year’s best House tune.

“Much Love” and “I Like It” embody the deep, sensational vibes of pure house music. Even those adjectives are insufficient to describe the passion that seeps through this EP. Collina is reinventing House for the future.

Alessio’s unique background undoubtedly contributed to him landing a deal with Roush, with his ability to ignite our dancing shoes. Alongside his brother Mateo, they began an impressively successful record label, Trend Records, paving the way for Alessio to eventually reach Top 10 on the World Music Chart, and top charts in Italy and abroad. Alessio is one of Italy’s frequent topics of conversation, and in time will unquestionably make a name for himself.


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