What is it about House Music? From Tony Soul…


By Tony Soul.

There is a music that many have heard of. One that moves folks on dance floors all across the land. A music that has its roots in all music. A music that has transcended time. Transcended style. It has survived musical changes, trends, and all to become the overwhelming soundtrack of the enlightened people of the Globe. Some people call it Dance Music. Some others call it EDM. And while Hip Hop and Pop music has taken over the pop culture of the world, this thing that we call House Music has become a phenomenon to so many across the globe. And its done so without much fan fare. Without much fuss. Not many headlines have been garnered by House Music and to most House Heads, they like it just like that. It’s a special music, and if being special was for everyone, well…. It wouldn’t be special…. It unites people of all races from all nations in a way unparalleled by any other music on the planet. It’s an unorganized collective, all coming together for the common cause of a music that speaks to the beat of the heart, literally. It combines elements of all of the standard forms of music, as well as all kinds of less heralded forms of music from cultures around the globe. Its an inviting music that encompasses tribes, small villages, and big cities. Creating a tempo conducive to a good time. Perfect for the soul. Latin Grooves to Afro rhythms, European electric pulses, to the swing of Jazz. All coming together to create almost a Super Music. A music that is clearly not made for everyone. For everyone is not connected with their soul. Nor are they on a quest to become connected with their Soul. Yes this is a music that speaks to the Soul. The Afro rhythms are not merely a great sound to enjoy, but a feeing to be connected to as we are all one with the Mother Continent. House Music has touched the lives of so many around the world. So many that it should surely be considered the Language of the World. Even in its weakest form it captivates millions, but its purest, Deepest form it connects so many people, globally thru the simple sounds of a 120 bpm 4 to the floor beat and a synth. I’m here to explain to you how this feeling works, but truthfully no matter how many words I tell you, I will fall short because in all honesty this music is bigger than a genre. Its bigger than words. I can tell you that all across the globe, those that love House Music share a universal feeling about one another. Share a universal feeling about the world we live in. This music comes from freedom. It comes from justice. And so its only natural that it be the soundtrack to those that have found, or are seeking freedom of some sort. You can see this freedom on the dancefloors from Barcelona to Brazil, folks feeling a sense of Freedom that cannot be denied for those hours on the Dancefloor. If you are lucky enough to have a chance to witness this, please I implore you to look into the eyes of someone captivated by the sounds of true House Music. It’s a sight to be respected. Whether this person is an experienced dancer or someone who is not so gifted on the dancefloor, you can still see the effects of this music. Its Afro Latin Electro grooves touch a part of your soul that we cannot deny inside of us. No matter the race. No matter the culture. If your culture is of Love then you cannot deny the power of what you will witness when entering House Nation. Words that come to mind when describing most House Heads would seem corny to most but you really cant put a word value on millions of souls feeling the same way about a certain thing. How is it that this music has been able to touch such a broad base of people around the world. Is it the beat of 120 BPM that works in tune with the beat of the heart? Is it its combination of rhythms from all around the world that have united to form this wonderful sound that’s so fertile to all musical sounds around the world, offering a home to the best of all music, hence the name HOUSE music? The House of the best of the music of the world. And so this music attracts the best Souls of the world. I’m no expert, but I speak with experience. Global experience that tells me that these words are truth. From DJs to Dancers, Promoters to Patrons of this beautiful music, Nation to Nation we all speak the same language. A language of peace. A language of Love. I have not seen a fight or disturbance in a Party or Club in almost 9 years. Why? Because this is House Music. And this House is filled with Universal Love…


Original entry: https://www.facebook.com/notes/tone-spann/what-is-it-about-house-music-from-tony-soul/10153670149081128


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