1 techno release that you need to hear this month


From Mixmag.

Electrorites, an Italian producer who runs Nightmare Factory Records, says his debut LP ‘Structures’ marks a point in his life where his state of mind is a culmination of “energy, determination and anger”. You can hear that in every sound wave that makes up this collection of 12 abrasive tracks (each one named ‘Structure’ and numbered from one to 12). The rumble of kick drums reverberates throughout, with very little respite, but that’s why we love it. Electrorites takes those notions of energy, determination and anger and runs away with them. There’s no let-up, with tracks like ‘Structure 03’ smashing their way through seven minutes of gnarly techno rhythms with gusto. ‘Structure 06’ has an eerie menace layered over an oppressive low end, ‘Structure 09’ is hypnotic in its driller killer monotony and ‘Structure 02’ has a fidgety, frantic energy. It certainly won’t be everybody’s cup of tea, but the consistency of its energy and power, together with Electrorites’ control and detail, is admirable.


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