From Colombia to Mexico, B-Liv an Explosive formula for house music.

by Jeremy Black

Interviewing today’s artist was truly an honor. Two days ago, in a well know club in Brooklyn the DJ was in his zone and I was dancing as hard as I can so I decided to shazamed the current track that truly blow my mind and made the crowd go wild. The result of my search: “La Procesion – B.Liv, My Own Beat Records”. Next day, I woke up with this tune in my mind, obsessed to find this track and know more about this producer, so I went straight to my computer. I love internet!!! it was so easy to find B-Liv, a Colombian / Mexican DJ/Producer with an amazing resume. Using instant message I made an appointment to interview him and found a very talented and easygoing person.

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 9.01.25 PM.png
B-Liv at Voltaje Electrónica / Photo by Andrés Felipe Rubio

Definitely his name is making huge waves in the house, / techno electronic scene with a ongoing list of hits that are charting in different lists with the most important labels in the industry. In fact 13 consecutive in 2016 (including his new single “lotta Love”) would probably make him the most charted artist ever in Mexico an also in Colombia.

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 9.33.19 PM.png
B-Liv live at Voltaje Electrónica / Photo: Courtesy Voltaje Electrónica (Bogotá) / Andrés Felipe Rubio (Main Photo)

For those who don´t know already whom I am talking about let me introduce you to B.LIV to one of the new producer/DJ rising starts. When I was talking to him, it made perfect sense, that what makes this DJ / producer so special is that he just plays his original music in a very unique / Live act way, mixing Mexico, Colombia, deep, house, techno, old, new and what ever rocks his world music. He explained me that his passion is understanding and connecting with the dance floor, taking the night to a different level with a organic timeline and in the studio creating music that make sense to him.

Follow for more information about releases and further dates.


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