Morales and his Brooklyn Friends.


From Traxsource .

Def Mix Music is pleased to ‘The Evolution’ by Brooklyn Friends – a full length LP from David Morales.

Working closely with Steve Thornton – a world-class percussionist – David has created an album featuring 11 DJ friendly original productions that have been fully road-tested across global dance floors.

Resurrecting the Brooklyn Friends alias – which David has been using since the 1990’s for releases such as ‘Philadelphia’ and ‘Gloria’s Groove’ on King Street – seemed like a perfect fit for this collection of percussive, instrumental club-based workouts. Starting life as a series of personal DJ tools, the series has now evolved into an LP release featuring cuts such as ‘The Amazing Drum’, ‘Evolution – Part 1’, ‘Funktion’ and ‘House’.‘The Evolution’ is out on download through Def Mix Music on September 19th 2016.



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