Rare Fruits in Baltimore.


From Forward Disco:

Baltimore’s Better On Foot has consistently delivered high quality music that translates well beyond the club. On their latest offering ‘Rare Fruits Vol 1‘ that trend continues in the best way possible.

Rare Fruits Vol 1 is a collection of new tracks plus some sleepers from their back catalogue (not slept on by us though!) With some rarified disco cuts chugging along in the sexy slow tempo ranges, Rare Fruits Vol 1 fits nicely in every DJ’s crate but furthermore is a beautiful listen that works in every environment. Choice cuts from Jack Priest, Strange People, Balagan, Bliss Industry, Timbre Woods, DELACROIX, David Marston & Life On Planets make this one a must have.

Buy it at: http://www.traxsource.com/title/711029/rare-fruits-vol-1?utm_campaign=social_player&utm_medium=sp-release&utm_source=/title/711029/rare-fruits-vol-1


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