“The History” according B-Liv


B-Liv joins Whartone Records with his new single “The History”, taking you on an impressive journey through the history of house music and beyond.

A special tribute to the roots, made by one of the most renowned house music producers in México. “The History” was launched the past week and today has climbed to the Tech House Top 100 in Traxsource, and charted as one of the most important Tech House Sounds of the week according “Tech Essentials Chart” in the same store.


“A long time ago, there was places, where House music was born… Places like.. The WareHouse, The Paradise Garage, Zanzibar, The Loft, Ten City, The Music Box, Hot Mix 5, Trax Records, Dj International, Underground, Yes Say, Chicago Connection, Dance mania, Sunset, House Records, State Street…….”

Buy here: https://www.traxsource.com/title/774174/the-history



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