She Dance, He Dance… We Dance on May 5th w/Infex


by Jeremy Black

After airing a guest mix set at the renown radio station insomniafm and having his track “we dance” included in his latest EP “rising” ( signed with Family Grooves from Croatia in the top 100 deep house chart in traxsource we had the opportunity to speak with INFEX and ask a few questions.

How does it feel to celebrate 5 de mayo in the United States?
Infex: actually a lot of North Americans thinks is the Mexican independence day but it’s not like that, in Mexico we celebrate “la batalla de puebla” and it’s a normal day for all of us… at least in Mexico City.

Can you tell us a little bit about your latest EP RISING?
Infex: Sure, i started working in this EP over a year ago, the main idea was a 2 tracked EP, a bunch of sleepless nights and frustration, it’s not easy to release an EP, i also had advice from one of my lifetime friends from Mexico city B-liv who was guiding me thru this path all the time… at the end i felt really happy with the results.

What is the next step for INFEX?
Infex: the next step right now is to focus on the next Release, spread the love through music and make people dance.

Listen dj infex mix set at INSOMNIAFM:

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