Fast Life


Taked of @dancing astronaut.

Supported by some of the most prominent names in techno like Richie Hawtin and Dubfire, 23-year-old Johnny Trika has emerged with a short, but sweet EP which shows off his dexterous approach to the genre.

After attending a Dubfire show and impressing him with a USB of original productions, Trika worked alongside the pioneering artist to structure his own detailed sound, shown in the collection of tracks released on the ONESELF label. Compiling a set of meticulously constructed recordings, the Fast Life EP embodies Trika’s educated take on techno accompanied by nuances of captivating synths shown in his tracks,”Fast Life” and “Dreamless King.” Adding the finishing touch to the two-track production, Maksim Dark has remixed “Fast Life,” recreating the original production and adding a dark, and deep bass line to the masterwork.



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