Amanecer en el Llano. Cultural tradition & TechHouse by B-Liv

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 1.22.04 PM

The Orinoquía, also known as “Llanos Orientales”, is located in the east of Colombia. It is a cattle region per excellence, and where for generations the livestock work has been accompanied by songs or exclamations known as “Cantos de Vaqueria”.

Besides being a cultural tradition, it is a Colombian intangible heritage that has been lost over time. Today, as a tribute, this chants are in the soul of this new tech house track called “Amanecer en el Llano” that was be released by B-Liv with My Own Beat Records.

“Amanecer en el Llano” is a amazing EP that delivers two powerful versions, both with driving drums and a irresistible groove, catchy vocals with a unique hook that will stay in your mind. For two weeks this track has been rounding the first 20 places of the Tech House Top 100 in Traxsource alongside artist such as: Joeski, Harry Romero and Supernova. Definitely this track is a must in any DJ set.


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