I FEEL LOVE Changed everything.


From Mixmag.

On April 26 1977, Studio 54 opened in New York. Bianca Jagger arrived at the club for her birthday party draped in a diaphanous red dress and riding a white horse – led by a naked man. The photo spread around the world overnight, providing disco with one of its most iconic images – and the club became a byword for glamour and excess. Five months later, the movie that delivered disco to a straight audience premiered in Hollywood: Saturday Night Fever, starring John Travolta as a Brooklyn boy who lived for dancing (and shocking suits). The fact it had little to do with disco’s gritty roots mattered not. Disco was now for everyone.

Sandwiched between those two events came ‘I Feel Love’, produced by Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte and perfectly delivered by Donna Summer. Released 40 years ago, yet still somehow managing to sound like the future even today, it’s dance music’s Year Zero; the song that started our journey through electronic disco, house, techno and beyond – and, in Patrick Cowley’s daring, psychedelic version, inspired the greatest remix of all time.

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