Robert Hood, truly techno pioneer, refuses to slow down



A pioneer is someone who develops or is the first to use a new method. Someone who brings forward an area of knowledge before taking it to new dimensions. Within electronic music, there are several pioneers who have championed genres, showcased new styles and created sounds that were previously unheard. Without their talent and vision, music just wouldn’t be the same today.

It’s no secret that techno, the fast-paced, adrenaline-fuelled behemoth we know it as today, started in Detroit. Jeff Mills, pioneer. Mad Mike Banks, pioneer. Rolando, pioneer. James Stinson, pioneer. These men created something in the midst of political and social turmoil that would not only grow to define them as artists, but define the time in which the music was formed. An outcry of noise and sound. A reaction and militant stance powered by 130bpm+ beats and terminal velocity. Techno is techno because of these people.

Someone who is as influential and integral to techno’s success over the last two decades is Robert Hood. He’s an artist that since the 90s has dedicated his soul to creating an output that’s both unique and transcendent. Through his early collaborations with Jeff Mills and Mad Mike Banks, he was part of Underground Resistance and began to put forward a minimal techno sound that was earth-shatteringly relevant.



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