Prehispánica Electrónica in Los Angeles, a life changing experience.

Prehispánica Electrónica : Alyosha Barreiro + Nok Niuk


Drums, flutes, synthesizers, vocal melodies, dancers and a amazing multimedia display generated a massive ritual in Los Angeles this weekend where thousands gathered to experienced Prehispánica Electrónica show.

Alyosha Barreiro, a Mexican musician and producer with Nok Niuk where in the house.

“It was amazing to paly in this concert, the vibe, crowd, energy and production were truly spectacular,” said Barreiro in a private interview.

“It is very important to remember who we are, where we come from and where we are going.

Los Angeles was a very special place for us to play, our brothers form the north are in a very unique political situation and we felt that showing our roots in our special way could remind them of where their belong and hopefully make them proud of their inheritance. ”

After approximately 40 min. of show Karin Burnett aka Afrodita, took the stage as special guest, prayers in Nahuatl and deep songs captured the attention of the crowd in a dramatically interpretation the passage of souls through Mictlan.

As usual, Gustavo Cisneros, visual artist of the project generated a unique multimedia world during the concert, giving the final touch to this explosive form.

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 11.11.43 AM


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