Traxsource Top 100 Artists of 2017


From Traxsource.

The end of year lists always prove an interesting time here at Traxsource, with so many musical minds coming together to evaluate the sounds of the year, fuelled using a combination of sales data, stats and old-fashioned A&R intuition to navigate the huge volume of releases and weigh up the dance music pioneers alongside the up-and-coming talent.

It’s refreshing to see a global passion thriving for the music we love, across all its many sounds and scenes, and to watch the growth of new genres, the consistency and persistence of major players, the evolution of progressing talents and the emergence of brand new artists demanding a seat at the table. This year’s list of movers and shakers come from an astonishing range of countries, genres and generations, reflecting the diversity of the scene and a reminder that the global electronic music community is a fluid and exciting world that is constantly changing.

We believe our Best of 2017 charts to be representative of Traxsource users’ tastes, and since we are very aware of the positive snowball effect the lists can give the artists, we give painstaking consideration to each placing during their curation. It’s not just about who’s making the biggest waves and the most noise, but also who represents the future of electronic music.

So here it is, the Traxsource Top 100 Artists of 2017.


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