The saddest thing about dance music.


Coldcut interiew by MixMag.

Matt Black and Jonathan More – aka Coldcut – are currently celebrating their 30th anniversary as a duo, although their DJ history stretches back even further as individuals. The pair announced their arrival in 1987 with the Double Dee & Steinski-inspired ‘Say Kids What Time Is It’, made with a backbone of rare groove, funk and go-go and samples from James Brown to Louis Armstrong. A label deal with Big Life was swiftly followed by their first crossover hit ‘Doctorin’ The House’ launched the career of Yazz, for whom they produced the No 1 hit ‘The Only Way Is Up’ in the same year. Disillusioned with the mainstream recording industry, they set up their own label Ninja Tune as an antidote, and it has been operating from the fringes of the dance music industry ever since, increasingly successfully with acts like Bonobo, Odesza, Helena Hauf and, of course, Bicep. Coldcut remain as entertainingly cantankerous as ever.


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