My Own Beat Records from Mexico City: The perfect excuse to continue shaking the soul.


2017 was undoubtedly an important year for My Own Beat Records, an independent underground electronic sound record label based in Mexico City.

B-liv (One of the most important House producers in Mexico) since its founding in 2015, had the vision to make this label something special, to avoid falling into the monotony of all the new record labels that appear every month.

From the first release in September 2015, he set a precedent by publishing the work House Evolution, an EP made by duo by B-Liv and House legend and Grammy nominee “Eddie Amador”. Since then, artists such as Marco Lys, Joeski, Stanny Abram, Nuendo, George Vidal, Dead Celebrities or Nino Bua, to name a few, have gone through their catalog.

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 10.14.19 PM

My Own Beat became in 2016, one of the 200 most important Techhouse labels in the world, and positioned in 2016 and 2017 numerous tracks in the Top 100.

One of the most important works of its catalog this year was the single “Tell Me What I’m Doing Now”, made by Eddie Amador, B-Liv and the vocals of Anna Pop, who reached the Top of the 10 songs most important Techno in Traxsource.

Today, My Own Beat amounts 48 releases, celebrating another great year of underground sound with the V2 collection, that is a must in any Dj Bag, and the perfect excuse to continue shaking the soul.


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