All The Best Electronic Music Playlists On Spotify Right Now



Whether you’re new to the world of electronic music or a seasoned raver, curated playlists offer a novel opportunity to dive right into a certain sound or style easily and with the benefit of context. Miss those hot sweaty nights when Larry Levan DJ-ed at Paradise Garage? There’s a playlist for that. Trying to get a history in ’90s house music? There’s a playlist for that.

Novice or expert, we’ve compiled a list of the best Spotify has to offer in terms of electronic music playlists, whether you’re trying to keep tabs on all the great new electronic coming out or need to set a certain mood, we got you.

If you’ve ever used Spotify’s radio or scoured an artist’s “related artists” tab, then you’d notice those features both predominantly feature and recommend men. This issue isn’t genre-specific (or even specific to Spotify), but knowing how many talented women are out there making killer electronic means something has to be done to fight the algorithm. Spotify has compiled this excellent playlist of electronic music’s leading women to shine a light on their hard work. Covering all styles and sounds, this playlist acts as a kind of opportunity for you to fill gaps in your own collection, and get wise to the hypnotic melodies of Honey Dijon or the way The Black Madonna remixes Robyn’s “Indestructible” into dancefloor euphoria.


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