Rewind 4ever. The history of UK Garage

From 5Magazine Chicago.


Alex Lawton (see his lists of unsung UK Garage producers and underrated UK Garage labels) made the best and most thorough overview of UK Garage. Rewind 4Ever is undeniably the gold standard as things stand right now. Debuting at a time that Disclosure had the ear of the world, R4E provides an essential history of the movement through interviews with cult figures and well-known industry personalities including Todd Edwards, Matt “Jam” Lamont, Grant Nelson and so on.

Lawton “knew absolutely no one,” when he conceived of Rewind 4Ever. “I remember one day sitting down at my kitchen table and writing a shortlist of all the names I wanted to interview and once I’d done that I drafted up a cover letter which I sent out to everyone’s Facebook/MySpace page. Slowly but surely I started to get some replies and it wasn’t long before I had my foot in the door.”


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