B-Liv´s “Techxturas Sonoras” at the “Fête de la Musique” in Mexico.

B-Liv at MAMBO Bogotá / Photo courtesy by: Santiago Baron
Jeremy Black

B-Liv´s “Techxturas Sonoras” at the “Fête de la Musique” in Mexico. Hosted by the French Alliance, Fête de la Musique or Music Day celebrates the Solstice in a very special annual worldwide celebration each 21 of June.

“Fête de la Musique” was created in 1982 by the Minister of French Culture “Jack Lang”, and after 11 editions has become one of the largest world cultural events in more than 100 countries simultaneously.

In Mexico this music festival will be held from June 15 to 17 in more than 10 cultural venues throughout the capital. 

The opening act will happen in the “Museo del Chopo” and in the legendary “Teatro Lúcido” with a very special concert. B-Liv (One of the most recognized Dj and producer of House Music and electronic music of Mexico) will present “Techxturas Sonoras” an experimental electronic live act, which we assure, will be one of the highlights during the week.

In a phone interview with the artist he explains Texturas Sonoras: “This project is a tribute to memory of Mexican’s poets, literature and amazing culture, it is very important not just to know, but to honor our cultural heritage”. Texturas Sonoras has been presented successfully in different stages, including the “Museum of Modern Art of Bogotá” – MAMBO, “The Day of the Dead” celebration at the Zocalo Capitalino in Mexico City and the “Miami Music Week in Florida”. “Techxturas Sonoras” will be the main act for the official opening party.

Event: Fete de la Musique Event
Techxturas Sonoras Official Site
B-Liv official Site: www.B-Liv.com


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