Hallucinogenic. A new audio drug from L.A. is #1 in Techno Top100.


Jeremy Black

I had the opportunity to talk with Joey Avila, one of the great talents of the Techno scene that emerge from Los Angeles, recently signed by My Own Beat Records, and whose song reached the number 1 of Techno on Traxsource.


How Hallucinogenic was born?

A very close friend of mine who lost his life this year is responsible for Hallucinogenic. I remember hearing a mix he made almost 20 years ago, and his opening track sampled the speech I used on this track. R.I.P Michael Donckels


How long did you do the song?

 This track is something I have been working on for months. It took awhile to build it up, and I was needing some extra detail at the break. So I played and recorded some piano chords from the early 90s classic rave days to give this track some life.

Define in one word your sound.

Limitless! I don’t like to stick to just 1 genre, I like to experiment and produce whatever I’m feeling at the moment in the studio. I started making House tunes years ago, then went into Tech House. Now I find myself tapping into the techno genre, but have also been experimenting with some G-House style tracks. I’m all over the place right now!

How is the L.A Scene?

.I’ve been heavily involved in the L.A scene for the past 10 years. I’ve been playing lots of venues through out L.A, and have even hosted my own events in the past, but lately I have been wanting to grow in the scene with my productions. Thanks to My Own Beat records they have given me an amazing opportunity to shine with my latest release. I look forward to many big projects with them in the coming future.


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