Is it real? is it a Joke?

david-guetta-lenny-kravitz-664x400Despite the recent resurgence in popularity of electronic music in America, it seems the country’s mainstream news still struggles with its most basic history. Case in point, a recent segment by ABC News on David Guetta’s latest album, 7.

Introducing the French DJ, the interviewer said Guetta has been called the “grandfather of electronic dance music,” and the segment was originally titled How David Guetta helped bring house music to the US and made his rise to the top. (It has since been changed after an outpouring of outrage.)

Obviously both of these statements are wildly inaccurate. And the video’s commenters haven’t failed to let ABC News know how badly this story was handled, even throwing around the term “fake news.”

“Get out of here with this garbage! House music was born in the US! Frankie Knuckles is the true Godfather of House,” reads the top comment, continuing: “The pop music exploitation that Guetta represents is a mere tangent and hopefully short lived phase in the otherwise deep artistic realm of one of the most creative art forms to date [sic].”

Other comments mentioned The Loft and David Mancuso, Larry Levan and Paradise Garage, and of course The Warehouse—the legendary Chicago club that gave birth to house music, gave the genre its name, and was a haven for gay black and Latino men.

“ABC should be ashamed of itself for even posting this. Somebody please archive this before ABC removes this. We will need this as proof that fake news was an enormous plague upon the land,” another comment reads.

Rage-watch the segment for yourself below.


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