Self-Isolating? Here Are Some Musical Solutions To Keeping Yourself Busy

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self-isolation-01From Discogs rabbitholes to YouTube tutorials, RA’s writers offer some tips on what to watch, read and do at home this week.

Use free production software

Moog and KORG’s strategy of each making a music app free has been a hit among producers and the music-making-curious. Of course, many independent developers have long offered their software for free. Airwindows plug-ins have a very basic user interface. Visually, they’re the digital audio equivalent of using a Nokia 3310. This is a huge plus because flashy UIs influence what you listen for and think about, and you don’t often notice that till it’s gone. With no glitz, their superior sound shines through, and Chris—the developer—has made enough varieties that you could mix your music exclusively with his stuff. He makes videos explaining each plug-in. If you get good use out of even one of his plug-ins, an entry level Patreon subscription is a huge bargain. It’s easy to get lost among all the options, so start on his bestsellers page.

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