“At the Edge of Joy”, a music intervention that becomes a piece of art worth exhibiting.

Jeremy Scott

Music is made out of stories: some of them experienced by ourselves, and some others created and imagined from the everyday life. But only once in a while, a song becomes a piece of virtual, plastic art that provokes a dialogue between generations; a message that is so sensory, inclusive and innovative that is aprehended by a museum.


This is the case of “At the Edge of Joy” [“En el Filo del Gozo” as the original title in Spanish], a musical wink that started being a fragment of an entire live concert by Techxturas Sonoras, a musical project created by one of the most important artists of electronic music in Mexico, Jairo Guerrero, meant as a tribute to Mexican literature using electronic music.

Jairo Guerrero a.k.a Techxturas Sonoras / B-Liv

This time, Jairo deconstructed his own project and created a sound suite of 30 minutes for a single segment, an “experimental musical intervention” -as he names it- to the poem “At the Edge of Joy”, written by one of the most notable Mexican writers and poets in the XX Century: Rosario Castellanos.

Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 15.54.16

This concert, which was streamed live in social media, provided the foundations for a love-story telling that was posted in the weeks prior to the online concert. Love letters of a fictitious romance could be read in Jairo’s social media, deeply engaging and causing expectation in his followers.

“Everybody thought this was a new, real-love story that I myself was living and sharing with them. They discovered, at the end, that it was all part of the sound piece I would perform.” says Jairo Guerrero.

This novel, honest and primal manner of presenting a musical work of art caught the attention of Direct New Ideas (Innovations in Communications) in England, who are at this moment assessing this work as a case of virtual communication in the time of quarantine. “At the Edge of Joy” also attracted the Municipal Museum of Modern Art of Cuenca, in Ecuator, whose director Gabriela Vázquez chose this musical intervention and its entire storytelling to be presented in the collective exhibition “Sounds that Connect Roots”.

Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 16.56.38 Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 16.40.26

“At the Edge of Joy” was presented in segments throughout the days in the museum social media, in an attempt to make the visitors -or viewers/followers- experience the love story developed in letters, explained in short videos in which the letters were read by Jairo himself, as if it was a personal, video diary. The last video, at the end of the day, and climax of the love story was the virtual concert, streamed from the museum’s social media page.

Development of the love story created by Jairo Guerrero:

The collective exhibition included prestigious sound artists from Mexico and Ecuador: Ramón Amezcua, widely known as Bostich, one of the co-founders of the Nortec Collective (Mex); Alyosha Barreiro (Mex); Huaira (Ecu), Juan Andrés González (Ecu), José Urgilés & Blasco Moscoso (Ecu).


“Sounds that Connect Roots” is a virtual, experimental, sound initiative that challenges status quo and presents different musical proposals that seek to function as bridges between cultural roots and new generations, in manners that are innovative and puzzlingly attractive to wider audiences. A brand-new perspective of life in quarantine. Because, at the end, understanding our common roots is the best manner to understand our present and future selves.




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