Björk’s Entire Discography Is Now on Bandcamp


Björk’s entire studio discography is now available in multiple formats on Bandcamp. Bandcamp announced that all proceeds from the sale of her music on the site will go toward [Black Lives Matter UK] from today (June 18) until the end of Bandcamp’s NAACP fundraiser tomorrow (12 a.m. Pacific).

Björk’s albums—from 1993’s Debut to 2017’s Utopia—are available in digital, vinyl, cassette, and CD formats. Earlier this month, Björk’s longtime label One Little Indian changed its name to One Little Independent. Founder Derek Birkett also made donations to organizations such as Honouring Indigenous Peoples Charitable Corporation and the Association on American Indian Affairs on behalf of the label.

In May, Björk pushed her upcoming tour dates back to 2021.

Revisit Pitchfork’s 2017 interview “Björk Is Full of Love Again.”



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