Ibiza’s superclubs may not open in 2020


Ibiza’s top superclubs may not open in 2020, reports Diario de Ibiza.

Despite relatively few cases and deaths of COVID-19 on the White Isle, the local authorities could ban larger venues from opening this year until a vaccine or treatment is found. One of the island’s top promoters The Night League, which runs sister superclubs and Ushuaïa, issued a statement yesterday confirming that neither venue would open in 2020.

This could be bad news for the superclubs, most of which only open five or six months a year. Their large staffs would be left without work. In April, José Luis Benítez, head of the Ibiza leisure association, estimated that this summer could cost up to 4,000 jobs.

However, not everyone may lament the ruling. Bars and smaller venues, such as Pikes and popular outdoor spot O Beach in San Antonio, may be allowed to open, though with strict restrictions in place. These spaces, which can’t exceed 300 people, might play host to a smaller party scene, run by the promoters and DJs who live on the island all year round.

Read The Night League’s statement in full.

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