Madre Cumbia by Jairo Guerrero: folklore, urban sound and electronic music.

This recording mixes the folklore of the cumbia, urban language and electronic music.  

Produced by Jairo Guerrero a.k.a B-Liv, Madre Cumbia is an exploratory work that mixes Mexico and Colombia in musical and visual manners: two locations that live embedded in Jairo Guerrero’s heart as a musical artist, sound explorer and visual artist.

Taking the sound of CUMBIA as the main axis, since it is a musical style common to both, his birth country Colombia, and the country where he has lived for the past 20 years, Mexico, B-Liv (Jairo Guerrero) presents this work consisting of 6 songs that present some of the versions of the Cumbia, from the sounds of the Colombian Atlantic and Pacific, to the Mexican Barrio Bravo, the cumbia sonidera and that of the Kolombias, a sub-culture of the Independence neighborhood in Monterrey (Mx), and which he has decided to intervene with electronic music.

Listen Madre Cumbia Here

The musical challenge also presents a visual challenge.

In terms of the sound, and, the record achieves a high respect to the essence of the sound of the CUMBIA in its different shades even with a heavy component of electronic music; visually, the objective was similar: to come close to the aesthetics related to this music genre, with the Barrio, the local, the urban and of course, the catholic visuals that are linked to the Virgen de la Candelaria, which is associated with the CUMBIA since her celebration, both in Mexico and Colombia, is accompanied by cumbias, dancing and bagpipes.

In Madre Cumbia, B-Liv understands and recognizes that traditions and roots are an essential part of the identity process of individuals. In the end, there are more things that unite than separate us: we share not only a lingua franca but also a series of visual and musical aesthetics that allow us, as Latin Americans, to meet and recognize each other in every corner of the world. It is a success that brings to contemporary language a common story that continues to grow and mutate as new performers and artists allow themselves to be seduced by the exciting and inexhaustible history of the cumbia universe.

MADRE CUMBIA, an album that participates in the Latin GRAMMYs Edition 23 – 2022.

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