The LP is out this autumn on One Little Independent Records.

Björk has revealed more details about her forthcoming tenth album.

Speaking to the Guardian, the Icelandic star confirmed the label (One Little Independent Records), release date (autumn) and title (Fossora), which is the feminine word for “digger” in Latin. The article also confirmed cameos from serpentwithfeet, Björk’s son, Sindri, and her daughter, Doa.

Fossora was made in Reykjavík, where Björk now lives. During the pandemic, she hosted small raves at her house, playing, among other styles, gabber. (She particularly likes Indonesian duo Gabber Modus Operandi.) The famously hard, fast genre features on the new album, alongside softer moments, a sextet of bass clarinets and more.

Though the full tracklist is still TBA, two of the cuts, “Sorrowful Soil” and “Ancestress,” are tributes to Björk’s mother, who died aged 72 in 2018. Love is also a key theme. According to the Guardian, the LP is a reaction to her last full-length, 2017’s Utopia.

“I feel, as a singer-songwriter, my role is to express the journey of my body or my soul or whatever, and hopefully I will do that till I’m 85, or however long I live,” Björk told the Guardian. “I try to keep the antennas up and read where my body is at.”

Read the interview in full, and visit Björk’s website for info on upcoming tour dates.

One Little Independent Records will release Fossora in autumn 2022.

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