My Own Beat Records says: No more amputated songs.

Agency: SoyJairoGuerrero / Creative Consulting
Agency: SoyJairoGuerrero / Creative Consulting
Agency: SoyJairoGuerrero / Creative Consulting
Agency: SoyJairoGuerrero / Creative Consulting

The songs are getting shorter and the fault lies with Spotify.
The length of songs written and produced to become massive hits has shrunk considerably in recent years.
Artists shorten their songs because Spotify gives more interest and editorial support to short songs. This is assuming a lack of respect for the work of many artists. Because of Spotify’s business model, many record companies are forced to deliver edited versions of original works. This is a problem in electronic music, because if we as artists create a 5-minute song, it is so that it plays in 5 minutes and not in 2.30 as the edit version of Spotify is sometimes requested.

No more amputated songs.
A campaign by My Own Beat Records / Freshly Cooked Music – _out of respect for the music.

Music is a way of expressing itself for human beings, a vehicle through which they understand and assimilate their world. It is an important link in the countless cultural manifestations and it is with this that individuals interpret a reality that is their own.
Music works as an element that recreates and brings to mind situations linked to a space that is built in the daily experience of the personal world. In the way in which the subject experiences it, relates to it and gives it meaning, it is configured by values, feelings, affections and human intentions; In this way, he generates memories linked to the melody that is heard or the phrases that are inserted in it, resignifying and appropriating them, by relating them to his daily experiences.

It is therefore common for music to refer to situations linked to consumers by their places of origin; their link with this scenario goes beyond the geographical aspect since they satisfy memory, in the understanding that it supposes the subjective assimilation of individual and collective experience.
In conclusion, we cannot allow our own experience created based on electronic sounds to be reduced to a commercial pattern, where what is sought is to create a stage, where we can all participate and is totally affected by the immediacy of keeping a captive audience. AR ZU


Advertising Agency (School): SoyJairoGuerrero / Creative Consulting Mx
Production Company: In/House
Art/Creative Director: Jairo Guerrero
Creative & Copywriter Consultant: Ruth Cabrera
Photographer/Art: Alamy Archive + InHouse Digital

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