Feed the Crooks against Coca-Cola fraud.

Jeremy Scott. Bassement Sounds | Editor In-Chief |

“Feed the Crooks” by Juleunique, a prominent HipHop-Rap artist from the Californian underground circuit, produced several times by living legend Snoop Dogg – The song is an intense HipHop song that Juleunique dedicates to corporate corruption, and specifically to the case of Coca Cola fraud against the Mexican company Go Gaba.

We talked to José Antonio del Valle Torres, the director of Go Gaba about this song.

José Antonio del Valle Torres – Foto Courtesy by Destapandolaverdad.com

To provide context to our readers, tell us who you are and what Coca-Cola did to you:

My name is José Antonio, I was born in Mexico and have been an entrepreneur for over 15 years now with a constant drive for innovation. In recent times I became a human rights defender after experiencing first hand Coca-Cola’s systematic abuse and realizing I wasn’t the only one harmed by their actions. Coca-Cola defrauded me and destroyed a multi-awarded business which implicated a decade of hard work: GO GABA. Furthermore they’ve prevented justice from happening to this day with dirty actions. The Coca-Cola system has abused many people, across different countries, in some cases even to the point of destroying their lives and their families forever. This is how I realized that I wanted to dedicate an important part of my life to challenge abuse and give a voice to those who are oppressed. One of the key examples of global corporate abuse is “The Coca-Cola Company”. Their list of criminality and abuse relates to: discrimination, child labor, pollution, tax evasion, fraud, harassment and violence.

How was this collaboration born between your cause of justice, given the actions that Coca-Cola committed against you, and Juleunique?

We met through ‘Kanawahe News Media’. It turns out that Juleunique saw ‘The Coke Cartel’, an internationally multi-awarded documentary produced by ‘Kanawahe’, and heard about my case. He found my fight for justice against Coca-Cola inspiring to create music with a cause.

Album promotional campaign poster

We understand that you have used innovative formats to convey your message of injustice. Did traditional media not work for you?

Unfortunately, many of the traditional media outlets are at the service of Coca-Cola. The fact that many of them have Coca-Cola as a client should not interfere with their ethics in communicating the news with transparency and truth. Unfortunately the reality is different and for many outlets Coca-Cola is untouchable in its criminality, for some even to the point of complicity. Apparently, if these media outlets do not obey Coca-Cola, the company threatens to stop hiring their advertising services.

Why is it important for a Hip-Hop artist to join your cause?

Everyone is welcome to this quest for justice with their different passions and talents, however I believe Hip-Hop brings rhythm to the cause. A ‘monster’ as nefarious as Coca-Cola can only be defeated with the lyrics of truth and of course with refraining from drinking their “bottled poison”, as some worldwide health experts now call it. Sadly for many consumers Coca-Cola is a problem of strong addiction regardless of the personal health damages it produces and the criminal behavior that lies behind the corporation.

See here some of the abuses committed by Coca-Cola in the documentary The Coke Cartel

Listen to Feed the Crooks by Juleunique here: https://bfan.link/feed-the-crooks

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